As a management consulting firm we give C-Suite executives the confidence to run their business with comprehensive knowledge and mastery.

We are an attentive team. Working with select companies allows us the time needed to always deliver our best. With total focus and dedication for our active clients, we pride ourselves on being nimble, integrating into your business with ease.

Our Brand Promise

We are experienced, serving businesses since 2008.

We are informed and know what we are talking about.
We are professional and bring our best every time.
We are team players and integrate within your business with ease.
We value being known as trustworthy, our clients trust our experience, knowledge, and advice.

Our Team

Get acquainted with our team of PNL advisors.


Managing Partner, Prince George

Aaron Sinclair is a strategy and finance professional with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing, finance, construction, and the supply chains of forestry, mining, and oil & gas. He is an experienced Chief Financial Officer, corporate director, and management consultant. He specializes in providing pragmatic strategic and tactical advice to business owners and management. Aaron has a Master in Business Administration and is a Competition-Introduction Certified biathlon coach.


Partner, Prince George

Emily Duncan is an experienced accountant with more than 20 years of experience in aerospace, hospitality, healthcare, and forestry. Emily and her team specialize in efficient accounting processes, financial management and reporting, key performance development, and mentoring. Emily is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has a Bachelor of Science.


Senior Consultant, Prince George

A seasoned strategic leader, communications practitioner and government relations specialist, Todd is the former CEO of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce. Within this capacity, Todd was at the forefront of developing tools, policy opportunities and resources to assist businesses and communities through the most challenging, and quickly evolving times. His work included the creation and moderation of a pan-Northern BC work group convening bi-weekly calls with elected officials from all parties and all levels of Government throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to joining the Chamber of Commerce, Todd held progressively more senior roles with municipal governments in BC and Alberta, leading robust and diverse teams in strategy, operations, economic development, communication, and intergovernmental affairs. Understanding the value of closed-loop processes, Todd has developed and implemented comprehensive industry and community engagement plans leading to greater public participation and awareness. Todd’s communication experience extends through many verticals, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), not-for-profits, private enterprise, and large government operations.


Senior Consultant, North Vancouver

Jeff Calvert is an experienced management consultant with more than 10 years c-suite experience in revenue strategy and finance after more than 13 years of sales experience in highly technical products. Jeff advises as a Chief Financial Officer to develop strategies, business plans, financial modelling, mergers and acquisitions, corporate structures/restructures, and joint ventures. Jeff is a professional engineer and has a Master of Business Administration.


Executive in Residence, Prince Rupert

Michael Uehara is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with more than 30 years of experience in development and implementation of strong strategic business plans. He is a charismatic leader able to build consensus to achieve long-term success. Michael has a strong environmental background and has led companies in the tourism, luxury sport fishing, and sustainable aquaculture fields.


Manager, Financial Reporting, Prince George

Guneet Bedi started his professional career as a bookkeeper for a local bookkeeping firm before articling for one of the big four public accounting firms. On entering private industry, he has had progressively more senior accounting positions in software businesses and was a controller managing a team of accounting staff in a multi-national public company. Guneet’s focus is on providing superior performance and financial expertise to our Whole Office accounting team to ensure our clients receive the best financial analysis and reporting on the performance and operations of their businesses.

Guneet has earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance from UNBC and is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant.



Jessica Flower is an experienced bookkeeper providing financial management expertise in the aquaculture, health services, and retail industries. Jessica is a part of our Whole Office team providing financial administration to growing businesses.



Kristin Block is an experienced accountant providing back office processes and expertise in a variety of industries. Kristin is a part of our Whole Office team providing financial administration to growing businesses.



Smiley Caban is an experienced controller providing accounting expertise in a finance, transportation, and forest industries. Smiley is a part of our Whole Office team providing financial administration to growing businesses.